Commission for Quality Assessment and Assurance [CEAC]

PhD eng. Lecturer
Zoltan Korka

Comission members

Ş. l. dr. ing. Zoltan Korka

Members of the Commission
PhD eng. Lecturer Vasile Cojocaru - representative of teaching staff 
PhD Lecturer Cristian Rudolf - representative of the union
Student Cristina Petzak - students representative 
Engineer Cosmin Ursoniu - representative of the employers (CEO of S.C. UCM Reşiţa SA)

Mission and objectives

CEAC mission is to support the university management in achieving all processes aimed at evaluation and quality assurance.
CEAC objectives relate to the evaluation, quality assurance and continuous improvement of quality of educational processes, and the development of a quality management system based on an organizational structure and a set of rules and principles.

Quality Assurance Office [BAC]

Head of BAC

PhD eng. Lecturer Costel-Relu Ciubotariu
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