Rector’s Message

Reşiţa is one of the oldest and more renowned industrial centres of metal works and machine building the country, and this heritage started more than two centuries ago, more precisely on July 4th 1771. In order to honour these traditions and to respond at the same time to a long-perceived need, in 1971 we began here the development of technical higher education, by the establishment of the Engineering Institute, initially subordinated to the Polytechnic Institute "Traian Vuia" of Timişoara, prestigious education establishment recognised throughout Europe.

Following a natural evolution process, in 1990 the Faculty of Engineering was founded, still under the aegis of the Polytechnic Institute “Traian Vuia", with the sections. Machine-Building Technology, Welding Equipment and Technology, Electromechanics, Plastic Deformations and Heat Treatments, and Metal Casting.

1992 is the year that represents an exceptional landmark in the evolution of the Reşiţa academic education, as it is the year when the University “Eftimie Murgu" was founded, autonomous from the Timişoara Polytechnic School, with two faculties: the Faculty of Engineering and the Faculty of Law and Economics, which, starting with October 1st 1995 became the Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences. At present the educational process is provided by three faculties: Faculty of Engineering and Management, Faculty of Economics and Faculty of Social Sciences.

The University ”Eftimie Murgu” has become, during its existence, a symbol of Reşiţa and of Mountainous Banat, enhancing its regional representativeness. Furthermore, the 45 years of higher education in Reşiţa entitles us to talk about tradition and continuity. In a dynamic society requiring the alignment to the European standards, the social dimension of academic education is the first and utmost target to reach. The focus on the individual is thus a goal strengthened by the need for granting equality of opportunities, by an equitable education and the maximum valorisation of personal potential, and by promoting performance at the same time. More than four decades of existence have contributed to the continuous development and modernisation of the educational process, as the University ”Eftimie Murgu” has always endeavoured to remain within the ranks of the most prestigious institutions of higher education in all the fields in which it provides training programmes.