Council of Scientific Research

In the University "Eftimie Murgu" of Reşiţa the management of the research activity is assured by the Council of Scientific Research, which has the role to participate in the elaboration of UEMR research-development and innovation strategy and to provide the coordination, orientation and assessment of the activity of scientific research and innovation within the university. 
The Council of Scientific Research is made of UEMR teachers with remarkable performance in the research activity and management, appointed at the proposal of faculties, on the principle of representativeness by specialisations and faculties.
The Council of Scientific Research has the following structure: a chairman and six members, one of them being the secretary appointed by the chairman.

Members of the Council of Scientific Research

- Chairman: PhD eng. Assoc. Professor Cristian Paul Chioncel
- Members:
PhD eng. Professor Gilbert-Rainer Gillich
PhD Professor Lavinia Popp
PhD Assoc. Professor Solomia Andreș
PhD Assoc. Professor Adrian Tănase 
PhD Lecturer Vasile Iancu
PhD Lecturer Cristian Rudolf (Secretary)

Planification and following of achievements in research

Research programms

Research reports