Eftimie Murgu University Press

Eftimie Murgu University Press was established in 1998 under the aegis of the University "Eftimie Murgu" of Resita. The books published over the years is mainly the result of fundamental and applied scientific research of teachers in our university and other universities in the country, as well as socio-economic specialists.

Its activity was assessed by the National University Research Council (CNCSIS - http://cncsis.gov.ro/articole/1472/Edituri-recunoscute-CNCSIS.html) as being included in the last list of publishers recognized by this institution.

Eftimie Murgu University Press Director: PhD eng. Professor Nicoleta Gillich
  Tel.: +40 730 583031
  e-Mail: n.gillich@uem.ro

Webpage: editura.uem.ro