UEMR Students' League

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Students' League of UEMR, established in 1992, is the student organization through which students participate in decisions concerning the smooth running of of their professional activity in the university. Student participation is 25% in all collective management bodies: University Senate and Faculty Councils. In addition, the Board of Directors is usually League chairman students participating in voting decisions. However, the league aims to promote students' rights and interests of students to receive a quality education.

All students in the leading representatives are elected for. Through volunteering, Students' League organize, with the most active students, actions that make student life more beautiful in UEMR: Prom, Open days, Studenţiada, Living library, Soul to Soul, etc.

Webpage: liga.uem.ro

Office by leading

Alexandra Butcovanová (FSS)
  e-Mail: alexandra.butcovanova@student.uem.ro
  Tel.: +40 730 583 051

Firts Vice-president:
Bogdan Marinescu (FIM)
  e-Mail: b.marinescu@student.uem.ro

Adina Ionela Krucso (FSS)
  e-Mail: ionela.krucso@student.uem.ro
Emil Ignat (FIM)
  e-Mail: emil.ignat@student.uem.ro

Ioan Crețoiu (FIM)
  e-Mail: ioan.cretoiu@student.uem.ro