Centre of Research for Environment and Cultural Patrimony Protection "Victor Duculescu"

In Memoriam PhD Professor Victor Duculescu

Professor Victor Duculescu, remarkable personality of Romanian and universal legal science, passed away on the 29th of July 2009. Author of remarkable works in the domain of law and international relations, in the fields of Constitutional and Parliamentary Law, Professor Duculescu contributed to the training of many classes of law school gradueates, as professor and PhD tutor. Professor Victor Duculescu attended post-graduate specialisations and training stages in France, United States of America, Greece and Holland. He was a member of several scientific associations and attended many congresses, conference and scientific symposiums, in Albania, Austria, Bulgaria, Canada, the Czech Republic, Cyprus, Finland, France, Greece, Italy, Lithuania, Republic of Moldova, the Netherlands, Poland, Romania, Russia, Slovakia, Spain, United States of America, Hungary. Professor PhD Victor Duculescu published - as single author or in cooperation – a high number of scientific works: treaties, monographs, studies, university courses, and more than 300 studies and articles in journals. His didactic activity comprises several specialisations, among which we may mention public international law, EU community constitutional law, and legal protection of human rights. In recognition of his scientific contribution, he was elected full member of the Academy of Scholars and of the Central-European Academy of Sciences and Arts. His rich didactic and scientific activity was unanimously appreciated in the academic world. For this activity he received several distinction, among which : “Scientific Merit”, “Medal of the Institute of Humanitarian International Law ", in the year 1995; "Diploma of Honour” of the Foundation of the Ecologic University "Dimitrie Cantemir" of Iaşi, 1995; "The Scientific Merit Coriolan Brediceanu", awarded by Themis West, Association of judges from the circuit of the Timişoara Appellate Court, in 1998; "The Mircea Manolescu Prize " for 1999 granted by the Academic Society "Titu Maiorescu". In the years 2000-2005 he was honoured with prizes from the part of the Union of Jurists of Romania.

Webpage: www.cpmbc.uem.ro

Centre of Social and Theological Research "Miron Cristea"

C.C.S.T.M.C. was established by the decision of the Senate of the "Eftimie Murgu" University of Resita and operates within the Department of Theology at the University, Caransebes Headquarters, Aleea Grădiniţei, no. 1, 3rd floor. It includes academic staff, researchers, PhD students and master students, with scientific concerns in the socio-human field, especially on the theological profile (church history and Orthodox doctrine studies). Although initially the organizational structure also involved a development in the field of Social Assistance, Sociology, Education Sciences, it has crystallized in time as an eminently theological center.

The center bears the name of Patriarch Miron Cristea, because in church activity carried out in Sibiu (counselor of the Metropolitan Church of Transylvania), Caransebes (bishop) and Bucharest (Metropolitan Prime and Patriarch) he very much supported the theological culture, being himself an erudite theologian, Member of the Romanian Academy.

The head of the center is since the establishment of the Pr. lect. univ. Dr. Daniel Alic.