Council of the Faculty of Engineering and Management

PhD Eng. Professor Gilbert-Rainer Gillich

PhD Eng. Lecturer Zoltan Iosif Korka

PhD Eng. Professor Sava Ianici

PhD Eng. Lecturer Adrian Petrica

PhD Eng. Assoc. Professor Cristian Paul Chioncel

PhD Eng. Lecturer Elisabeta Spunei

PhD Eng. Assoc. Professor Tudorel Ene

PhD Eng. Lecturer Mihaela Dorica Stroia

PhD Eng. Assoc. Professor Călin Octavian Micloşină

Student Casian Andronache

PhD Eng. Lecturer Lenuța Cîndea

Student Laura Alexandra Birău

PhD Eng. Lecturer Vasile Cojocaru

Student Ioan Trandafir Crețoiu

PhD Eng. Lecturer Cornelia Anghel Drugărin

Student Emil Ignat

PhD Eng. Lecturer Cornel Hațiegan

Student Gabriel Strîmturian

PhD Lecturer Ioan Hălălae


Commissions of the Faculty Council

Commission for Education and Quality
- chairman: PhD eng. Professor Sava Ianici
- members:
PhD eng. Professor Codruţa-Oana Hamat
PhD eng. Assoc. Professor Călin Micloșină
PhD eng. Assoc. Professor Mihaela Molnar
PhD eng. Lecturer Elisabeta Spunei
Student Emil Ignat
Student Alin-Ioan On

Commission for Research and Development
- chairman: PhD eng. Professor Eugen Răduca
- members: 
PhD eng. Professor Gilbert-Rainer Gillich
PhD eng. Lecturer Anamaria Budai
PhD eng. Lecturer Vasile Cojocaru
PhD eng. Lecturer Cornel Hațiegan
Student Casian Andronache

Commission for Communication, Relations with Students and Partnership
- chairman: PhD eng. Assoc. Professor Tudorel Ene
- members: 
PhD eng. Assoc. Professor Cristian Paul Chioncel
PhD eng. Lecturer Cornelia Anghel Drugărin
PhD eng. Assistant Olga Amariei
PhD eng. Assistant Ioan Hălălaie
Student Laura Birău
Student Sebastian Corobiac