Centre of Research in Hydraulics, Automation and Thermal Processes [CCHAPT]

Established in 1997, is the leading research unit of the University "Eftimie Murgu" of Resita. It has an exceptional facilities for carrying out research work on high power energy equipment. Specialists working in the research center have special training and experience in research.

Research Center in Hydraulics, Automation and Thermal Processes performs scientific research in the following areas:
• Hydraulics and hydraulic machines
• Cavitation erosion tests
• Numerical simulations
• Materials engineering and metallography
• Electrical Machines
• Automation and control systems
• Strength of materials and material testing
• Machining and processing and welding technologies
• Thermal processes
• Applied Computer aided design
• Vibrometer and acoustic holography
• Renewable energy and wind potential assessment
• Technical advice, expertise and receptions on hydropower and hydraulic turbine models and verification of contractual guarantees, as a neutral institution
• Doctoral and Postdoctoral Research

Centre of Research in Electrical Engineering and Industrial Informatics

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