Mission and objectives

The Legal Office, as organisational structure of the University „Eftimie Mrugu” of Reşiţa, through its staff (legal advisors), assures the defence of the rights and legitimate interest of the university in its relations with other legal or natural persons, of public or private law, as well as in any legal relation in which the university is a party, in accordance with the legislation in vigour, regulations and administrative own acts of the university.

The professional relation between the legal advisor and the beneficiary of his services is based on honesty probity, correctness, confidentiality and independence of professional opinions.

In exercising his attributions, the legal advisor complies only with Romania’s Constitution, the laws in vigour, the code of professional deontology and the profession of legal advisor.

Legal Advisor

Jurist Gabriel Dragoş

  e-Mail: g.dragos@uem.ro
  Tel.: +40 730 583042 / +40 255 215135