Conference papers

Professor Historian Dan OBERȘTERESCU: Repere și realizări ale industriei reșițene
PhD Eng. Professor Ion VELA (Membru ASTR): Contribuția prof. univ. dr. ing. Nicolae BOGOEVICI în dezvoltarea învățământului superior reșițean
Ion Dobrota, Ion Paraschiv: Computing of the slot number within the induction machine approached in terms of electromagnetic forces
Ion Voncilă, Ion Paraschiv, Costin Mădălin: Analysis of the influence on the thermal regime of the slot shape within an induction machine
Marian Greconici, Gheorghe Madescu, Martian Moț, Marius Biriescu, Danijela Milosevici: FEM Analysis of a Generator with Inset Permanent Magnet Rotor
Filip Niculescu, Adrian Savescu, Mirela Vasile: Digital control of centrifugal air compressors
Monica-Adela Enache, Aurel Campeanu, Sorin Enache, Ion Vlad: Aspects Regarding Influence of Voltage Disturbances upon Reluctance Synchronous Motors Operation
Marcel Burduniuc, Ion Stratan, Tudor Ambros: Magnetic field map of the power transformer in extreme operating conditions
Daniel Brebenariu: Owlet smart control application installed in the public lighting system of Resita
Elisabeta Spunei, Ion Piroi, Florina Piroi, Daniel Brebenariu: The Importance of Optimal Design in Outdoor Light Source Positioning
Serghei Tincovan: Device for detecting defects of electric cable with disturbance stability
Protea Bogdan, Muscai Cristian, Spunei Elisabeta, Valentin Navrapescu: Automatic choice of electrical devices for driving asynchronous motors with short-circuit rotor
Irina Maria Terfăloagă, Mihaela Dorica Stroia, Lenuța Cîndea: σ-demicontractivity and strong convergence of Mann iteration
Cornelia Anghel Drugărin, Vyacheslav Lyashenco, Muncho Mbunwe, Mohammad Ayaz: Pre-processing of Images as a Source of Additional Information for Image of the Natural Polymer Composites
Marius Lolea, Emeric Szabo, Cornelia Anghel Drugărin, Petre Creț: Assessing the level of electromagnetic pollution through statistical-probabilistic methods and fuzzy logic
Cornelia Anghel Drugărin, Mohammad Ayaz Ahmad, Vyacheslav Lyashenco: Comparative Aspects of the Temporal Characteristics of the Production of Various Plastic Products
Ioaneş Andrei, Radu Tȋrnovan: Power System Health Monitoring Based on Energy Losses using Genetic Algorithm
Gelu Ovidiu Tirian, Cristian Paul Chioncel: Fuzzy logic controllers for high performance in se-condary cooling
Marius Lolea, Emeric Szabo, Cornelia Anghel Drugărin, Petre Creț: Connection of Renewable Energy Sources to the Regional Power Systems. A Short Analyze
Vasile Solcanu, Marian Găiceanu: The method of compensating non-linear effects due to disturbing signals in the military operations theatres
Marian Gaiceanu, Iulian Arama, Vasile Solcanu, Iulian Ghenea, Marius Solomon: Quasi-sinusoidal Hybrid Renewable Power System
Ion Cornel Mitulețu, Elisabeta Spunei, Emanuel Marcovikan, Ion Popescu: Quadcopter Stability Increased by PID Adaptive Tuning
Ion Cornel Mitulețu, Sîrbu Adrian, Bogdan Cristian: X-Y Pen Plotter Design Accomplished from Older Drives
Kristijan Cincar: Sensors failure detection and fault tolerance in the complete AAL system
Petru Chioncel: Exploitation solution of the wind potential in the Danube Gorge
Lenuța Cîndea: Theoretical and experimental research on the reliability of parts rehabilitated by arc welding
Vasile Cojocaru, Ovidiu Jităreanu: Fatigue analysis of a hydraulic cylinder from a tensile tester
Lidia Nedeloni, Zoltan Iosif Korka, Marian Dumitru Nedeloni, Ileana Loredana Conciatu: Dry sliding wear behavior of some Cu and Al alloys
Aurel Băra, Dorian Nedelcu, Corneliu Dica: Optimizing the geometry of a LHy-M hybrid locomotive’s chassis by resistance calculations
Aurel Băra, Dorian Nedelcu, Corneliu Dica: Thermal Calculation of the Reduction Gear 2XAB/StCu110So as part of Hybrid Locomotive’s LHy-M mechanical transmission
Iancu Vasile: An actuating system for driving shaking tables
Călin-Octavian Miclosina, Zoltan-Iosif Korka, Vasile Cojocaru: Experimental Determination of Forces that Occur on a Workpiece Grasped by a Pneumatically Driven Robotic Gripper
Cristian Tufiși, Gilbert-Rainer Gillich: Modeling of complex shaped cracks
Andrea Amalia Minda, Nicoleta Gillich, Gilbert Rainer Gillich: Students' perception regarding the use of Virtual Laboratories in teaching and learning process

The Conference